St. Peter’s Pastoral Council


To be a visible witness to all people of the message and service of our Lord, Jesus Christ. To discern the spiritual, material, and financial needs of the parish, and to find resources to meet these needs.

Members of the 2022-2023 Parish Council

Fr. Sunny Sebastien; Administrator

Leon Livingston – Chairperson

Ellen Murphy – Secretary

Ann Ellen MacDonald – CWL Representative

Jack Redden – KOC Representative

Jessie MacLean

Jane MacKinnon

Roderick Morris

Completed Maintenance and Repairs
New roof and windows installed.
A new Lawnmower was purchased.
A new furnace was installed in the Church.
A heat pump was installed in the kitchen of the hall.
The hall received a new oil tank.
Plexiglas on side of the Church was fixed.
Some of the Glebe windows were fixed.
A new window was installed in the hall

Future Renovations and Repairs
New washrooms for Church
New Hall chairs
Renovations for the Hall

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